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I'm a family-loving, coffee-drinking, guitar-playing, blog-writing, chocolate-eating, book-reading Jesus freak. :)

How He Is Calling

How He is Calling

I want to be used by God!!! I want His power working in me and through me to make a significant impact in His kingdom! So often my prayer is that He will show me and impress upon my spirit what exactly it is that He is calling me to pour my time and energy…

Blogger Recognition Award

I just want to give a big thank-you hug to Jordan from the blog Call Me Incorrigible for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! (((Thanks, Jordan))) If you haven’t already visited her site I would encourage you to do so! She is a creative writer and blogger that shares straight from her heart. The…

We Are All Called To Ministry

called to ministry

My family and I attended a church for the second time this past Sunday. Their youth group had just returned from their summer missions trip. A few of the students were sharing testimonies. I was amazed by some of the wisdom pouring out of the mouths of these young people! Such a blessing to witness!…