Author: Megan

I'm Megan. Jesus Follower, Wife, Mother, Coffee Drinker, Inductive Bible Teacher, Worship Leader. I love to inspire! My goal is to encourage Christian women to know God more fully and serve Him more faithfully.

Why Yes Always Means No

Awhile back I discerned something quite tragic. My husband and my children were not getting enough of me. Let me rephrase… My husband and children were not getting enough of the undistracted, full-hearted, un-hurried, calm and rational – me. I’m one of those people who have a tendency to over commit myself; to give my…

Begin Again

snow melting off tree

It’s been almost six months now since I’ve written a post here. After welcoming our new little blessing into the world I knew I would need to take some time away from writing. Time spent sleeping quickly took precedent over time spent blogging. But for awhile now I’ve been longing to start again. There is…