Preparing Our Field

“I heard a story of two farmers praying to God for rain to come. Both prayed but only one prepared the land. Who do you think trusted God more to send the rain?”

“Well, the farmer who prepared the land.”

Which one are you? God will send the rain when He is ready. Your job is to prepare your field to receive it.”

This dialogue may sound familiar. It’s a scene from the movie “Facing The Giants” – and it’s what flashed through my mind as I hung up the phone yesterday with the loan department from our financial institution.

Instead of delivering the good news I was hoping for – that we did, in fact qualify for the loan we need to purchase the home we had just spent the past two weeks planning to build – the loan officer announced that we had not been pre-qualified. There are other loans that we could opt to go with (and trust me… it’s tempting), but they would stretch our monthly budget beyond our area of comfort.

In the end, we decided that the wisest choice would be to wait.

Am I disappointed?

Yea, just slightly.

However, it’s a disappointment that is not without hope.

My husband and I have a few months of tending to our financial situation in order to place us in a better position to move forward with this desire to build a new house.

Purchasing a home is something we believe the Lord has in store for us in the future. Therefore, instead of continuing in the way we are currently living, we want to make a shift. We want to move, in faith, towards the direction of attaining this blessing.

I don’t know exactly how long it will take, but I believe that He put this dialogue in my mind as a way to ask me the question…

“Which farmer are you going to be?”

Now is the time for my husband and I to prepare our field.

We need to be tending and nurturing our finances.

We need to be pulling out the weeds of debt. We need to be pruning the plants that need to be cut back and fertilizing the ones we want to flourish.

This will mean making some sacrifices. This will mean choosing to live more simply.

This may even mean that I will need to give up my smart phone.

Yes, you read correctly. 🙂

Then after we tend our field, we pray and trust Him.

We trust Him to send down the rains of His blessing – in His time.

I share this with you to hopefully offer some encouragement.

Life will bring its disappointments. Things don’t always happen in the time frame, or in the way we hope for.

But, we can choose which farmer we are going to be. One who passively and apathetically cares for the field, or one who intentionally and passionately prepares the field to receive the blessing they believe the Lord will rain down on it.


  2 comments for “Preparing Our Field

  1. April 1, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    You and your husband are showing a lot of maturity in taking care of a few things before taking the leap. We could all do a better job of preparing our own fields and I appreciate the reminder!

    Liked by 1 person

    • April 2, 2016 at 9:52 am

      Thank you for the encouragement! 🙂 We bought a house back in 2006 and extended ourselves WAY to far. We don’t ever want to do that again!


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