Book Review: Finding Home by Jesse Birkey

book-finding-homeFinding Home by Jesse Birkey

As God’s children, when we come face to face with tragedy we can respond in one of two ways. Either we go with the pain, allowing God to work through it.. or we can run from it.

First, we meet John.

John chooses the latter path. When he loses his family in a tragic accident, he runs. He runs from his home; from his friends; from the hurt and pain. He runs from his life. And in his anger, he runs away from His relationship with God.

But the Lord does not relent in His pursuit of our hearts. He does not leave us alone in our misery. He meets John within the walls of the new life he builds for himself and slowly begins to break down the barriers.

Then, we meet Alice.

Alice is a young woman whose earliest childhood memory places her at about the age of 10 – trapped within walls erected by the dark, disgusting and evil desires of men. Walls of sex and drugs, abuse and degradation. Walls of injustice and hopelessness.

The memories of her early childhood have been lost – and she’d rather not ever re-discover them.

After attempting suicide, she finds refuge in a town called Redwood. There she meets a family who welcomes her into their home and introduces her to the love of her heavenly Father.

As soon as her relationship with the Lord is established, He begins revealing to her just how much she is worth in His eyes. She eventually arrives at the place where she is able to trust in His love enough to push through her fear of unveiling the truth about her forgotten past.

John and Alice. Two lives marked by tragedy, sorrow and despair. Two lives of people who both desperately need to find home.

The way the author, Jesse Birkey, merges the lives of these two characters is beautiful and inspiring and leaves the thought of “that’s just like God” lingering in your mind.

This book captured my heart almost instantly – then held on til the end.

One moment I found myself smiling, then the next there were tears streaming down my face. There were even moments I found myself offering up quiet praise to our Father as the story, time after time, illustrated the goodness, grace and redemptive power of our God.

I recommend this book to anyone who has ever asked the question “Why, God?”.

And if you’ve never asked the Lord this question, chances are you will I guess I recommend this book to everyone!! šŸ™‚

Here are a few of the book’s awesome quote-ables:

“While life hands us no shortage of questions during tragedies, I also pray that Jesus hand us no shortage of hope.”

“I’m only brave because I know that no matter what, God is going to be there with me.”

“Listen for the Shepherds voice and you’ll hear Him talk about all sorts of things, important things. And not just for yourself, but for others as well.”

“Laws are meant to modify behavior, but only love can change a heart.”

“The mouth opens and anything can come out. But action is a statement of belief.”

“‘I don’t get caught up in expectations’ Jesus replied.”

“You ask ‘why’ hoping the answer will finally give you some peace. But you’re wrong. The solution isn’t in the answer but in discovering why you’re asking the question at all.”

  1 comment for “Book Review: Finding Home by Jesse Birkey

  1. Mom
    October 16, 2015 at 7:14 am

    Great book review! I haven’t even opened the pages and I’m already hooked.


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