The Fruit of Praying for the World – A Testimony

Praying for the World

I just wanted to share a testimony with you.

Daughter: “Mom, why was the little girl in the picture looking for food in the garbage?”

Me: “Well, there are some families who can’t afford to buy food at a grocery store for their families.”

Daughter: “Why doesn’t the dad go to work to make money like daddy does?”

Me: “In some parts of the world there aren’t any jobs for people to make money.”

Daughter: “Oh” “Well then how do they have houses?”

Me: “Some of them don’t. Some people have to sleep on the street or in tents. Sometimes people live in houses that they made out of mud and rocks.”

She is silent for a moment, but I see the wheels turning in her mind by the expression on her face.

Daughter: “Hey Mom! Maybe we can fly on an airplane and go find that girl that is eating the garbage and give her some money to buy food?”

Me: “That is a great idea!”

Daughter: “Yea!! ..and maybe we can help build her a house so she doesn’t have to sleep on the street?”

Me: “Yea! That’s a great idea! Do you know that there are actually people who go and do that?”

Daughter: Her eyes widen and the corners of her mouth turn upwards.. “That’s what I want to do…when I’m older. When I’m older I want to go help make houses.”

[Insert a mommy heart swell here]

I shared a couple weeks ago about how I found a resource online that is helping my kids and I pray for different needs of children all over the world. This morning we prayed for children in poverty. Along with the prayer request there was a picture of a child that looked like she was searching for food among a heap of garbage.

third world children

To be honest, when we began this adventure of praying for the world I was nervous. I sensed that this was something the Lord wanted me to do, but some of the issues we are praying for have been tough – human trafficking, children forced to engage in war, and starvation… just to name a few.

My daughter is only four years old and fear whispered its voice into my mind…

“She is too young to be subject to this knowledge” “It will only produce fear in her”.

Now I’m thankful that I did not surrender to the enemy’s scheme and instead obeyed the Lord’s prompting to pray.

The above conversation happened over dinner last night. My worry was quickly dissolved and replaced with joy. All concern was diffused by the spark of her mercy and kindness.

Instead of this knowledge producing fear in her, our prayers are producing the fruit of compassion.

Our God is gracious and righteous, our God is full of compassion.
~Psalm 116:5

Thank you, Lord for using this opportunity to etch these beautiful marks of Your character into her soft, sweet and impressionable heart.

Fruit of praying for the world1

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  1 comment for “The Fruit of Praying for the World – A Testimony

  1. October 8, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    Megan, it’s beautiful what you’re teaching your children. “Out of the mouth of babes…”
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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